DHTV is a browser-based app that uses HTML5 technolgies which are completely free from annoying (and vulnerable) plugins like Adobe Flash. The only necessary requirement is having the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and/or Edge browser(s) on your computer and/or mobile device. (Note: DHTV does NOT support Internet Explorer.)

Check here to see if you are running the latest version of your preferred browser: https://updatemybrowser.org.
Update / Install at your own risk.

After verifying you are using the latest version of your preferred browser, should you still have issues with streaming DHTV, you might consider these possible issues and solutions in your troubleshoot:

1) Your computer / mobile device
If your computer/ mobile device has too many programs running simultanously, it might be enough to affect streaming performance.
Solution: try, first, to refresh your browser and, if that doesn't work, shut all other programs down except for the browser. Should that not work, try a complete reboot of your computer / mobile device, and then try again. If that doesn't work out, consider using another computer / mobile device.

2) Internet bandwidth speeds
If the speed of your internet connection is generally slow or spotty, it might affect streaming performance. This especially might be an issue if you are trying to stream on your mobile device where 3G/4G service might be inconsistent.
Solution: first test your bandwidth speed here: http://speedtest.net. If it shows slow speeds for your mobile device, physically move to a spot where service improves. If it shows slow speeds for your pc and you determine your home internet provider is too slow, consider using an on-campus computer lab, a public library and/or a public internet cafe to stream DHTV.

3) Local wifi speeds
If you have children, a spouse, roommates, who are also using the internet at the same time you are, there might not be enough bandwidth left for you to stream DHTV. Possible bandwidth hogs include games, streaming movie services like Netflix and Hulu.
Solution: first test your bandwidth speed here: http://speedtest.net. If it shows slow speeds for your computer or mobile device, have others in your home area temporarily refrain from using bandwidth intense applications while you are streaming DHTV.

If you still need help, please fill out a serice request here: